BAASO on Broadway

It was a new record for me to work with this recent project as I managed to film everything within one-hour and started to edit the film and completed in 4 hours. It is just simply amazing that such a quick production managed to pulled off for a nice short trailer.

BAASO ON BROADWAY from Nabil Abdullah on Vimeo.


A Move toward a new genre

Our film turned out well, with the cinematography. Well at least that is what we thought. It was still intermediate way of trying to capture that context with what they tried to show. I think that is the most challenging part during the shooting. Editing went well as there was a storyboard. All that I had to work on is the colour correction and a minor effects which I don’t really like to play on with. I still prefer the basic way to editing. However, due to the fact that it is for a play, I took my risk on adding them. Your thoughts?

You can find the trailer on the producer’s website.

Sneak Peek to New Project

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 23.06.11

On such a hectic time of the year, I took a project which is rather quite new in genre. Haven’t been doing sort of music video, further more, a music-like-trailer for an event coming soon (really really soon). Shooting on … Continue reading

Newly Established Video Production

Hi there,

Welcome to our humble portal to our indie film production. We are a group of people who loves to make all sort of films or videos. From action, documentary, sci-fi, to reality, with the main aim as the future of entertainment.

At the moment we do not currently have any footage to show as we are newly established. What we would like is for you to support us in our future production and help us make a better film or video.

Thanks and best regards,
Nabil Abdullah
Hot Chocolate Films